Wikimedia Foundation

Congratulations to Prof. Matthew Vetter and IUP Graduate Student Oksana Moroz. The Wikimedia Foundation has approved a grant to help support the Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon at IUP.

Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

We’re writing to invite you and your students to participate in IUP’s fourth annual Interdisciplinary Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, to be held Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 10am-2pm (Stabley 201/210). At last year’s event, 91 editors made 228 edits to 73 articles in Wikipedia, adding over 12,000 words to help improve representation of women and the arts across disciplines. In addition to these accomplishments, student-participants were also given a chance to practice crucial digital literacy skills, collaboration, and critical thinking.This year’s event will emphasize topics related to language and literature as we work to build a more inclusive, diverse, and representative Wikipedia.

Wikipedia’s gender gap, which results in problems of representation attributed to the lack of women and non-male editors participating in the encyclopedia’s production, is by now well-known and well-documented. A groundbreaking survey conducted in 2011 by the Wikimedia Foundation, found that less than 10% of Wikipedia editors identify as women, and less than 1% as transgender. A startling statistic: only 17% of all biographical articles on Wikipedia focus on women. This event is a critical response to Wikipedia’s gender gap which invites the IUP community to help improve coverage of subjects related to women’s representation, art, language, literature and other under-represented topics.

Advance training workshops: We will be offering two hands-on workshops in advance of the main event, to be held Tuesday, March 31, 10am-12pm, and Wednesday, April 15, 2pm-4pm (Stabley 201). Both students and faculty are welcome at these events, which will support basic Wikipedia editing training, and article selection in anticipation of the Editathon. Contact to RSVP for these workshops.

Register in advance: Finally, We encourage advance registration of faculty and students (when possible) by visiting the following link: 


Questions? Concerns? Please follow up with us to chat more about this event. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can find a way to participate in this event. Thank you,

Matt Vetter, on behalf of the Editathon Organizing Committee