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English 808: Technology & Literacy

Course Requirements

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Course Requirements Overview

Please be aware that this course follows a belief in the value of socially constructed knowledge; that is, a belief that together we can make much better sense of the world around us than we can alone. For this reason, most writing done by students for this course will be shared with the entire class membership and, in many cases, with a potentially vast World Wide Web audience as well.

Course Requirements

Technology Project (40% of final course grade)

Students will plan and then develop a small-scale Technology Project. The goal of this Technology Project is to use a technology to create a new scholarly resource for sharing. Technology Projects may be as creative and ambitious as a student chooses. These projects may be developed individually or collaboratively.

Project IUP Cast (30% of final course grade)

All members of this class will be taking part in Project IUP Cast. The goal of Project IUP Cast is to produce online audio and video content that highlights IUP students' views on literacy, technology, education, and/or the teaching of writing. Each student in this course will participate in Project IUP Cast by serving on one Production Team to create a casting project. The topic of the casting project may be any issue related to technology and literacy. The team's job will be to create a short (5-10 minute) podcast (audio cast). Note that most students typically choose to create podcasts, but creating a vidcast (video cast) is also an option. However, only podcast production will be discussed in class. Student teams choosing to create vidcasts will need to be knowledgeable about vidcast production and also will need to have access to vidcast production equipment. Audio recording equipment will be provided in class.

Course Tasks (20% of final course grade)

During our various class sessions, we will work on a variety of small course tasks. These will be technology, writing, and/or literacy tasks. You will receive credit for doing these tasks and for being well prepared for each day of class. You are expected to successfully complete any and all assigned tasks in a timely fashion. Usually you will be given plenty of time in class to do these tasks, but some tasks may require some out of class work.

Attendance (10% of final course grade)

Constant class attendance and active class participation is required of all students. More detailed information about attendance requirements can be found here:

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