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IUP Exhibit Template

Version 1.2, 2008-04-28

This page shows the color palette of the new IUP website. It is also a demonstration of our “exhibit template.”

This template is intended for use on non-CMS websites. The grey bars at top and bottom, including the utility navigation and the footer are required. In the middle of the page (inside the div#middle_container), the designer has the freedom to do as he or she pleases.

We do encourage, however, the use of several design elements to help unify our exhibit pages with the rest of our site:

When modifying default.htm:

  1. Replace the content between <!-- insert custom content below --> and <!-- insert custom content above --> with your content.
  2. Erase the CSS styles in the <head> of default.htm.
  3. Insert any custom styles you may need between /* Begin custom styles */ and /* End custom styles */ in iup_exhibit.css.

Download a zipped copy of this template.

Primary Color Palette

IUP Crimson (Pantone 201)

Hex Approximation:


IUP Gray (Pantone 422)

Hex Approximation:


Secondary Color Palette

Pantone 123

Hex Approximation:


Pantone 369

Hex Approximation:


Pantone 280

Hex Approximation:


Pantone 2603

Hex Approximation:


Pantone 172

Hex Approximation:


Version History

Version 1.2: April 28, 2008

  1. IUP Crimson changed to new value for Pantone 201. This includes changes to default.htm, footer.png, iup_exhibit.css, and iup_exhibit_print.css.

Version 1.1: April 7, 2008

  1. Font sizes adjusted for more consistent display across browsers and platforms
  2. Comments and directions added
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