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The 2018 IUP Digital Literature Festival was organized by  Mike Sell.

Festival support was provided by:

  • Bradley Markle
  • Shane Sedlemeyer
  • Olivia Maderer
  • Emily Pope
  • Adam Colton
  • Ken Sherwood
  • Mark DiMauro

Twine workshops were developed by:

  • Mike Sell
  • Shane Sedelmeyer
  • Bradley Markle

Workshops were conducted with the additional help of

  • Ken Sherwood,
  • Mary Stewart
  • Dan Weinstein

Thanks to the cooperating teachers, as well as the adminstration, at Indiana Area and Franklin Regional schools.

Website Design and Support

  • Adam Colton
  • Ken Sherwood
  • Brad Markle

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Center for Digital Humanities and Culture at IUP.  Financial support was provided by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Additional Credits

Game icons courtesey of, Creative Commons Attribution, unported.

Pixel font designed by Adam Colton

Digital Literature Festival Logo by Mark DiMauro