English Department IUP & Professional Service List (2020-2021)

The English faculty members below are currently serving on the IUP committees and in the professional organizations noted. This page is under construction. Gian is currently working on this web page, so please let Gian know of any professional service which he can add to this list.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Service

CHSS Assessment Committee

  • Bryna Siegel Finer

CHSS College Technology Committee

  • Gian Pagnucci

CHSS College Chairs

  • Gian Pagnucci

IUP Service

Academic Computing Policy Advisory Committee (ACPAC)

  • Gian Pagnucci, CHSS Representative
  • Ken Sherwood, At Large Representative

Center for Digital Humanities and Culture (DHC)

  • Ken Sherwood, Co-Director
  • Gian Pagnucci, Co-Director
  • Dan Weinstein, Co-Director
  • Tanya Heflin, DHC Fellow
  • Melanie Holm, DHC Fellow

Center for Film Studies

Cook Honors College

  • Chauna Craig, Cook Honors College Director
  • Reena Dube
  • John Marsden
  • Mike Williamson

Sabbatical Committee

  • ?

University Assessment Committee

  • Bryna Siegel Finer

University Senate

  • Chauna Craig
  • Rena Dube
  • Heather Powers
  • Tim Hibsman, English Senate Representative

University-Wide Promotion Committee (UWPC)

University-Wide Tenure Committee (UWTC)

  • ?

University-Wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UWUCC)

  • Sharon Deckert

University-Wide Graduate Curriculum Committee (UWGCC)

  • Melanie Holm

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor Program

  • Chauna Craig
  • Tanya Heflin
  • Melanie Holm
  • Lingyan Yang

APSCUF Service

Representative Assembly

  • Bryna Siegel Finer, English Representative
  • Resa Crane Bizzaro, English Representative
  • John Marsden, English Representative

Legislative Assembly

  • John Marsden

Professional Service

English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities (EAPSU)

  • John Branscum, EAPSU Vice President

Pennsylvania College English Association (PCEA)

  • Gian Pagnucci, PCEA President
  • John Marsden, PCEA Board Member
  • Mike Williamson, Pennsylvania English Editor