Comics Studies

Comics Studies

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Comics, Coronavirus, & Composition…and Popcorn!

  • A blog telling the story of 3 Comics Studies Scholars rewatching the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comics Book Pedagogy: Why Do Comics and Superheroes Matter?

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  • A few of the doctoral students Gian worked with who wrote dissetations dealing with comics:
    • Burke, Brian P. (2012). Using comic books and graphic novels to improve and facilitate community college students’ literacy.
    • Helvie, Forrest C. (2013). Capes and the canon: Comic book superheroes and canonical American literature.
    • Romagnoli, Alex S. (2013). Comics in the classroom: A pedagogical exploration of college English teachers using graphic novels.
    • Stainbrook, Eric J. (2003). Reading Comics: A Theoretical Analysis of Textuality and Discourse in the Comics Medium.
    • Zimmerly, Stephen M. (2016). The sidekick comes of age: Tracing the growth of secondary characters in young adult literature.
    • O’Connell, Shevaun Donelli. (2015). Harry Potter and the order of the metatext: A study of nonfiction fan compositions and disciplinary writing. (This dissertation is not on comics, but it is related to popular culture.)

Video: Free the Superheroes–Tales of Censorship, Comic Books, and the First Amendment (Or, There’s Always Someone Trying to Take Over Our World)

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