Comic Book Pedagogy

“When Supergirl recovered from Luthor’s trap, she was certain that Kal [Superman] was going to somehow send her back into obscurity because of her stupid mistake, but he just smiled: ‘Always do your best. The rest is learning’ (in Crisis on Infinite Earths by GraphicAudio).

This website provides resources on Comic Book Pedagogy.

Why Do Comics and Superheroes Matter?

  • Video: “What is it to be a hero?”
    • This video captures perfectly why we need stories of heroes, to encourage us to be heroic ourselves, to choose to do good whenever and however we can
    • “It’s the choices that make us who we are. And we can always choose to do what’s right” (Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man)

Comic Book Pedagogy Overview

Comic Book Pedagogy Lessons

Comic Book Pedagogy Presentation

The Avengers Save Composition:
A Live Super Teachers Performance
@ CCCC 2019