Teaching Philosophy: Tech Pedagogy

I’ve taught writing for almost 30 years. I’ve taught lots of composition and technical writing courses. I taught most of those courses using computer-based literacy tools. Over the years, that has helped me develop my own teaching philosophy which I have labeled as Tech Pedagogy. Click this link to read about that philosophy:

Course Web Sites

IUP is a wonderful place to teach because it is a university very committed to quality teaching. I love teaching and work very hard to improve my teaching abilities and my courses. The above link leads to a full list of all the courses I have produced web sites for over my years of teaching at IUP.

My Early IUP Teaching Days

In the beginning we didn’t even have computers to teach with at IUP. That was why I helped get the first IUP English computer classroom funded and built. A student took the picture below of me for one of my earliest teacher web sites. I’m at the chalkboard lecturing about writing style in an English 322: Technical Writing course. This is in that first computer classroom we built. It took us awhile to realize that chalk dust is bad for computers. Go figure!

My Internet-Based Teaching History

I’ve been using the Internet in my writing courses since 1996. For information about my early experiences, click here:

I should also thank retired IUP Professor Mary Miko who taught the first workshop I ever attended on how to teach with web pages. She literally changed my entire teaching life!

The IUP Reflective Practice Project: Member (1996-2004, 2011-Current)

One extremely useful method I have found for improving my teaching has been participating in The IUP Reflective Practice Project. The Reflective Practice Project is sponsored by IUP’s Center for Teaching Excellence. The project helps teachers at IUP study their own teaching as well as the teaching methods of expert teachers both at IUP and from around the country.

I have participated in Reflective Practice for over 10 years. This has included attending large group presentations, participating in small interdisciplinary groups focusing on special teaching issues (in my case, teaching with technology), and belonging to departmental teaching circles.

The Reflective Practice Project is one of the best group I have ever participated in at IUP. The group has helped me learn to think more critically about my teaching and how to enhance it. If you would like more information about The Reflective Practice Project, please send me an email, and I’ll be happy to tell you all about the group. You can also learn more by clicking the link above.

Currently I am the Coordinator for one Reflective Practice Teaching Circle: