English 222: Technical Writing — Assignment Categories

Course Headings and Assignment Categories

  • Current Assignments

The Current Assignment is noted below in bold purple after the due date of whatever assignment students are currently working on for the course. Note that sometimes there may be more than one current assignment. In these cases, all the current assignments are noted in bold purple.

  • Major Assignments

There is one major assignment for this course:

  • The Technical Writing Project

This assignment is noted in bold red and is due near the end of the semester. You should be working a little bit on this assignment every day.

  • Previous and Upcoming Assignments

Previous and Upcoming Assignments are listed in bold black by their individual titles. I’ve listed all assignments for the course on this one web page. I would prefer that you NOT begin assignments ahead of time since I sometimes have to make changes or modifications to particular assignments. Always check in class to make sure you are working on the correct current task.

Here’s an example of how the assignments are marked:

The Previous Assignment’s Title
Previous Assignment
due July 10

The Assignment’s Title
Current Assignment
due July 15

The Next Assignment’s Title
Upcoming Assignment
due July 20

  • Draft Assignments

Usually before I have you complete an assignment, I will ask you to create a rough draft. We will then critique this draft in class, so that you can get some feedback about your writing and use your peer’s comments to help you revise the final document. Drafts are noted below in bold green. Often, I will also ask you to bring more than one copy of drafts to class with you, so that more than one person can edit your work. Sometimes I’ll even ask you to bring copies for the entire class. Reviewing drafts is a collaborative project: If you forget to bring enough copies, you won’t get enough feedback and some people won’t get to see how you attempted to do the assignment. So if you forget to bring enough copies, you will lose points.

  • Late Assignments

In the business world, companies lose money when workers deliver products late. If one person misses a deadline, the ripple effect often causes lots of other people to miss their deadlines, too, because everyone depends on everyone else to follow the planned schedule. Since this is a course about the working world, deadlines will be just as important here as they are in the real work world. Late assignments will be penalized. However, even if you have missed an assignment due date, you should still complete the assignment and turn it in for partial credit. No late assignments will be accepted after the last regularly scheduled class session.

  • Unit Descriptions

Major course unit descriptors are noted in bold maroon and listed as major heading entries.

  • Holidays & Other Course Announcements

Major schedule adjustments, such as holidays or class cancelations, are noted in bold red to assist you in scheduling your own project work time.