English 222: Technical Writing — Course Philosophy, Goals, and Expectations

Course Philosophy

This is a professionally oriented course for advanced students. You are enrolled in this course because you are a developing expert in your major area. I will work to respect the knowledge you have already gained from your studies and will, in fact, ask you to call upon that expertise in doing your technical writing work. I also hope this course will further prepare you for your future career. For these reasons, I will operate this course and classroom like a real professional workplace. You will have freedom to write and work in class, use computers, talk with others, and move around. The class will be heavily technology oriented and hands on. I would also hope and expect all class members to act professionally and courteously. I believe this is one of the most valuable courses you will ever take, but this is only true if you put forth a strong, personal effort. I will work hard to share with you my technical writing knowledge and expertise. I hope you will work just as hard to make this course a good learning experience.

Course Goals

This course is designed to help students improve and expand their professional technical writing and communication skills. Students in English 322: Technical Writing will develop their abilities to perform the following activities:

  • brainstorming, writing, editing, and revising
  • designing effective page layouts
  • utilizing computers and electronic forms of communication
  • communicating with real audiences
  • working effectively on teams
  • applying for professional positions
  • speaking publicly and making professional presentation

Course Expectations

This is an advanced course for successful students. If you want to do well in this course, I expect you to:

  • work hard
  • do all the work assigned
  • attend class
  • try your best
  • work well with others
  • keep an open mind
  • be courteous
  • treat the course material as useful
  • learn as much as you can

Students who meet all these very basic expectations will do well in this course.

Cautionary Note

Again, all of this business language is being used for the purposes of academic simulation. If anything is unclear or confusing, please discuss it with your professor. I will be happy to put things in standard academic form if you request. This is an IUP English course and students must meet all the IUP rules and regulations that apply to taking any IUP course.