English 222: Technical Writing — Course Projects

Individual Projects

Individual Project Tasks

  • Individual Project Overview
  • Proposal Writing
    • Practice Task: Recruitment and Retention Proposal
    • Assignment: Individual Project Proposal
    • Sample Individual Web Projects
  • Individual Project Introductory Page
  • Individual Project Style Sheet
    • Print Style Sheet
    • Web Style Sheet Sample
  • Individual Project Readability Analysis
  • Individual Project Instructional Page
  • Individual Project Evaluation Forms
  • Individual Project Final Cover Letter

Sample Individual Projects

Team Projects

Team Project Tasks

  • Team Project Overview–An IUP Survival Guide
    • TechJournal: Reflections on Being a New Student
    • Categories of IUP Information
  • Team Project Web Site Overview
    • dot.com Writing Company Web Page
      • Sample 1: Writing Company Web Page
      • Sample 2: Writing Company Web Page
    • Department Web Page
    • Employee Profile Web Page
    • Assignment: Team Project Article
    • Team Project Cover Web Page
      • Sample 1: Team Project Cover Web Page
      • Sample 2: Team Project Cover Web Page
      • Team Project Style Sheet
  • Team Project Evaluation
    • TechJournal Entry: Collaborative Learning
    • Team Project Critiques

Sample Team Projects