English 222: Technical Writing — Daily Work and TechJournals

Daily Work

We will do a lot of in class Daily Work to provide you with practice on the topic of the day. All Daily Work is worth points for your final course grade. Missed Daily Work may not be made up. Therefore, it is important to attend class regularly. Students who miss too many classes never perform well in the course.

TechJournal Entries

TechJournal Entries are a chance for you to get your thinking out onto the computer where we can see it. Grammar and spelling don’t matter when writing a TechJournal Entry. The only thing that matters is getting out your ideas. We’ll use these entries as a springboard to our other class work and discussions. You’ll also get points for doing each TechJournal Entry. These entries will be done on email, sent to Dr. Pagnucci, and shared with other students in the class. So as you write, keep in mind that these documents, like most documents created in the work place, are for public consumption.

Sample TechJournal Entries

Below are two sample TechJournal entries that we’ll try in class. Additional TechJournal entries are listed under the appropriate units.

  • TechJournal: Technology and Work
  • TechJournal: Reflections on Being a New Student