English 222: Technical Writing — Technology Requirements

Technology Instruction

Computers and the Internet are vital tools for technical writers in the 21st Century, so we will make active use of these for this course. Do not worry if you are a technological novice, however. Instruction will be provided in class for any student who needs help learning how to use a particular technology tool. In other words, I will provide lots of help for everyone who needs it. And if you know what you are doing, you can help those who are still learning the basics. By the end of the course, all students should have developed sound technological workplace skills and excellent fundamental abilities at using basic desktop and online publishing software.

Technological Software

Over the course of the semester, we will make use of the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Email
  • Internet Browsers (Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Web Page Composers (Netscape Composer and Microsoft FrontPage)

I’ve chosen these particular technological tools because:

  • they are common in many workplaces
  • they are generally free or low cost
  • they are standard software on the IUP campus
  • they are very powerful with many features
  • they are highly useful for creating professional looking documents
  • they are easy to learn