English 808: Technology & Literacy – Course Tasks

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Course Tasks

This course will include a variety of in-class technology tasks and other tasks which must be completed successfully to do well in the course. Most of these projects will be done during class time. Occasionally tasks will require some out of class reading, preparation, and/or follow-up work. You are expected to successfully complete any and all assigned tasks in a timely fashion as directed by the instructor. You will receive credit for doing these varied tasks in the Course Tasks portion of your grade. This portion of your grade also includes: being well prepared for each class, actively participating in doing all class tasks and activities, and completing any assigned out of class work in a quality manner.

There are lots of interesting tasks I would like to have us work on over the course of the semester. The tasks can be found by clicking the Course Units link below. The tasks are organized within each appropriate unit. The tasks in each unit are in planned chronological order, but sometimes I may adjust that sequence depending on time constraints. Some tasks also may take a bit longer than expected, too, so if we have to cut a few tasks out, I’ll let you know in class. You do NOT need to work ahead on these tasks. I’ll tell you in class what to tasks you are supposed to do and when you are supposed to do them.

Assigned Readings

Please note that one one especially important Course Task is completing assigned readings. Students are expected to do all assigned readings and to be prepared to discuss those readings in detail if asked to do so. Any student who is unable to discuss assigned reading material with reasonable familiarity may lose points from the Course Tasks portion of their grade.