English 808: Technology & Literacy – Course Texts

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Required Digital Course Packet of Readings

For this course we will be reading from a Digital Course Packet. This packet contains readings from a wide selection of important technology theorists and researchers. Many of these readings are from seminal books on technology. All readings will be available in digital PDF format from the course D2L website. Information on how to access the readings in this Digital Course Packet will be provided in class.

In addition to the Digital Course Packet, we will be making extensive use of online texts and web sites.

Digital Course Packet Information

Additional Required Reading

Each student in this course will be required to read and annotate two current articles/book chapters about technology or literacy. These annotations will be posted online as part of the WikiBib Project. This reading will be in addition to the readings in the Digital Course Packet.

Required Reference Book

Students should purchase a copy of the Publication Manual of the APA. Most new doctoral students are familiar with MLA style but not always with APA style. The C&T Program makes use of both MLA and APA style, so it is important for students to familiarize themselves with both styles. APA style is often the preferred by many publishers. Therefore, students will want to buy an APA style manual now and hold onto it for the rest of their doctoral work. Learning APA style now will save you time later.

  • American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Recommended Books

Students especially interested in the area of technology will likely be interested in the two books below: