English 808: Technology & Literacy – Tech Tool: Podcasting

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Podcasting Overview

Podcasting is a fascinating new way to compose. It’s great tool for teachers who want to get student writers to learn how to compose multimodally.

Podcasting Workshop

The following workshops on how to do podcasting were developed by IUP’s Dr. Kenneth Sherwood:

Practice Podcasting Assignment

Making good podcasts does require a lot of new learning. Below is a useful practice task. This task asks you to try making a simple recording which can then be used to learn how to edit an audio file:

Audio Software

There are lots of excellent tools available for working with audio files. Below are some of the best free audio tools for staring out making podcasts:

Editing Podcasts with Audacity

Once you have your recorded your raw audio, you will want to edit it. One of the best ways to do this is using the free Audacity audio editing software. Below are links to the Audacity site and helpful user’s guides and videos:

Online Music Sources

To make your podcast really interesting to listen to, you will want to add music. There are lots of great sites which offer copyright free, open source, or low cost music online. You can also add sound effects to enhance your podcast.

Web Sites for Publishing Podcasts Online

When your podcast is finished, you will want to post it online. There are many ways to post audio so people can play it online. Here are a few good options:

  • Buzzsprout (web site for free posting of podcasts)
  • Blogger (create a free blog to post your podcast)
  • Sound Cloud (online audio storage)
  • Wix (create a free web site to post your podcast)

Project IUP Cast

At IUP, Dr. Pagnucci and Dr. Sherwood have been using podcasts for teaching since 2006. This endeavor is known as Project IUP Cast:

Sample Podcasts

The links below are to a number of interesting student-produced podcasts:

Podcasting Practice Data

The link below is a sample audio file for more practice editing audio:

Interesting Podcasts

There are lots of great podcasts available online and through iTunes. Below is a fun podcast produced by 2 couples about a range of topics. One of the show’s cast members is the son of a C&T doctoral student:

To hear some award winning podcasts, see these links:

The website below has lots of author interviews:

Advanced Podcasting Information

The information below is for people who want to learn more about advanced aspects of pocasting:


If you like podcasting, you might also be interested in learning how to vidcast (making and sharing videos).