English 808: Technology & Literacy – Technology Project Proposal

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Technology Project Proposal Assignment

Please write a short proposal discussing what you wish to focus on for your Technology Project. This will give me an idea of what you are going to work on during the semester.

Your proposal should be one page in length. There is no need to write pages and pages of information for this proposal; this is NOT a paper draft! (One page in length will be plenty.)

Required Technology Project Proposal Information

Your proposal should include the information below. Please include headings in bold to assist me as I read your proposal.

  • Name(s): Full Name(s) of anyone working on this Technology Project
  • Email Address: Preferred email address(es) for this Technology Project
  • Date: Today’s Date
  • Technology Project Title: Give the project a COOL title. After all, Apple always gives its projects cool names, like the Yosemite Computer Operating System Project. Being cool is everything in the technological world!
  • Project Focus: What topic will you explore for this project?
  • Learning Goals: Why are you interested in researching this topic? What do you hope to learn from working on this project? How might this Technology Project enhance your teaching skills?
  • Technology Project Type: What sort of end product will be produced as you work on this Technology Project? For example, will your Technology Project lead to the creation of a web site, an online blog, a wiki, an online course unit, a teaching lesson plan, or something else?
  • Technology Project Components: List the different parts of the project you expect to have to create so you will have a good idea of how much work you need to do for the project
  • Technology Project Background Information: Describe what you will write about for the background information part of your project. If you have written about this topic before, explain how you will add to your past work in new ways.
  • Technology Project Timeline: Sketch out a rough outline of how long the Technology Project will last. Assign each component of the project a rough amount of time needed for its completion.