English 808: Technology & Literacy – Technology Project Reflection

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Technology Project Reflection

I hope working on a Technology Project has been a good learning experience for you. Creating a project is very much in line with the technology-based pedagogies we’ve explored this semester. This shifts learning from a solely verbal exercises (where most of the emphasis is on reading and writing) to a technological exercise (where some of the emphasis is on working with technological tools to build things).

Since this experience is no doubt different from most other graduate learning experiences you’ve had, where much of your course effort typically goes into writing a paper, it’s worth taking some time to reflect on the nature of what you’ve learned. So that’s what we’ll do here.

Technology Project Reflection Questions

Please answer the following questions:

  1. How did the Technology Project turn out? How successful do you think your project was?
  2. What did you like best about working on your Technology Project? Why?
  3. Project learning is experientially based. It asks you to learn in a way which is different from just reading, writing, and talking about things. Compare working on this project with the kind of paper writing you typically do for a graduate course. Along with what you may have mentioned in answer to question 2, what did you see as the other benefits of working on this project? What were the drawbacks? If given a choice in the future between doing a project or writing a paper, which would you most likely choose and why?
  4. One interesting aspect of working on a project is that it may very well live on past the end of this course. In addition, many people’s projects were public in nature and aimed at diverse audiences. Discuss how you think these aspects (long term and/or public) of the project impacted you as you were working on the project.
  5. We’ve talked a lot this semester about how technology changes learning. Please discuss how working on this Technology Project has impacted you as a developing professional. What do you think working on this project has taught you about teaching with technology?

Email Completed Reflection to Dr. Pagnucci

Once you finish writing your Technology Project Reflection, please send it on email to Dr. Pagnucci:

To: pagnucci@iup.edu

Subject: Technology Project Reflection

Body: Paste the Technology Project Reflection questions and your answers into the body of your email message and send it to Dr. Pagnucci.