English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry – Course Grading

Course Grading Categories

PercentageCourse Task
70%The Book of Stories
30%Participation and Daily Work
100%Final Grade

Course Grading Scale

Fbelow 60%

Other Grading Information

These are the current estimations for the value of each part of the final grade. If the instructor feels that students’ educational needs require changes in the course requirements, grading categories, or grading scale, the instructor will announce these changes during class and well in advance of final grade calculations, thereby allowing time for students to adjust their work plans as necessary.

Any student who fails to complete the major course paper or presentation will automatically receive a grade of F for the course.

Grading by Instructor of Record (Dr. Gian Pagnucci)

Dr. Gian Pagnucci is the Instructor of Record for this course. Only work assigned and graded by the instructor of record will be used to determine your final grade. Course work which is either assigned or graded by any instructor other than the instructor of record will not be used in the computation of a student’s final course grade.