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Doctoral Thesis Direction (5)

3 Chapter Stage (3)

  1. Mohak Bhatt
  2. Michelle Graber
  3. Cat Williams-Monardes (Readers: Gloria Park)

Dissertation Stage (2)

  1. Muayad Al-Hamdi–The effectiveness of readers’ theater on the oral reading fluency and comprehension of EFL students in a Vietnamese context (Readers: Brian Carpenter; Emily Wender)
  2. Jennifer Baggett–Exploring Writing Program Administration Curriculum Design (Readers: Dana Driscoll; Crystal Machado)

Doctoral Thesis Readerships (27)

3 Chapter Stage (19)

  1. Agama, Forster–Let the love for students’ language practices guide our pedagogies: Promoting linguistic justice in the U.S. composition classrooms (Director: Curtis J. Porter; Readers: Gloria Park)
  2. Alshehri, Arwa–Exploring the development of Middle Eastern Women’s translingual digital identity (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: Matt Vetter and Michele Petrucci)*
  3. Alshehri, Hind–An exploratory case study of the writing centers in Saudi Arabia (Director: Dana Driscoll; Readers: Gloria Park and Michele Petrucci)*
  4. Bayazeed, Raneem–Multimodal composition pedagogy workshops: Saudi EFL teachers adapting new pedagogical ideas (Director: Cristina Sánchez-Martín; Reader: Matt Vetter)
  5. Boswell, Kyle–Crying in the teacher’s lounge: The unseen labor of secondary school writing center directors (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Daniel Lawson)
  6. Cruz, Reian-Laila. An intervention case study in FYC: Examining students’ relationship with creative translingual writing. (Director: David I. Hanauer; Reader: Gloria Park)
  7. Florian, Stephen–The effect of labeling developmental writing students as probationary (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: Dana Driscoll and Irene Clark)*
  8. Goss, Debbie–Global citizenship writing pedagogies: Daisaku Ikeda/Soka education perspectives Director: Matt Vetter; Readers: Dana Driscoll and Jason Goulah)*
  9. Greene, Maribel–A Narrative inquiry of rural ESOL teachers’ lived experiences teaching Latino students in South Georgia (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: Marjorie Josee Zambrano, Scott Alan Beck)*
  10. Hatcher, Donald–Improving learner cognition of corrective feedback through student-centered learning (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Dana Driscoll)
  11. Loo, John–An investigation into the affective language and communication practices of linguistically diverse students using a vlogging project (Director: Curt Porter; Reader Matt Vetter)
  12. Narang, Pooja.–Navigating the complexities of Ph.D.: academic literacy and discourse socialization of L2 doctoral students in the U.S. (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: Dana Driscoll and Sarah Henderson Lee)*
  13. Navarro, Joseph–Towards the development of an antiracist academic identity for BIPOC learners in First Year Writing at a California state university campus (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Curt Porter)
  14. Tanasale, Inggrit Olivin–Constructing language lecturers’ academic identity through positioning and agency within professional space in Indonesian higher education (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: Matt Vetter and Michele Petrucci)*
  15. Sateriale, Brian–(Literature & Criticism doctoral student studying androgynes and the MCU; Director: Lingyan Yang; Reader: Tanya Heflin)
  16. Sasala, Gary–The effect of unfocused comprehensive direct and error coded indirect written corrective feedback on new texts: Written languaging and a table of error codes with supporting metalinguistic explanation (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Brian Carpenter)
  17. Villagran, Abigail–Learning in the writing center: A community of practice in México (Director: Cristina Sánchez-Martín; Reader: Dana Driscoll)
  18. Ylonfoun, Awouignandji (Ebenezer)–Benin high school English teachers’ prior English writing experiences and how these experiences affect teachers’ perceptions of teaching writing in English (Director: Gloria Park; Readers: John Branscum and Michele Petrucci)*

Dissertation Stage (8)

  1. Hind Abdullah Alshehri–An exploratory case study of the writing centers in Saudi Arabia (Director: Dana Driscoll; Readers: Gloria Park and Michele Petrucci)
  2. Eliza Albert-Baird–Traversing visual literature and virtual lives: Reader performativity and identity in visual texts (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student; Director: Mike Sell; Reader: Ken Sherwood)
  3. Jennifer Lynn Ferrell–(Re)Constructing the self: The writing center as an academic identity space for first-generation college students (Director: Dana Driscoll; Reader: Gloria Park)

Recently Finished Doctoral Thesis Direction

Recently Finished Doctoral Thesis Readerships A

  1. Kris Lowery–(Re)imagining literacy practices among the Pennsylvania Dutch in nineteenth century Berks County (Director: Resa Crane Bizzaro; Readers: Curt Porter, James Kirkland, and Kelly Ritter)*
  2. Sanchez, Ana– (Director: Cristina Sánchez-Martín; Readers: Marjorie Zambrano-Paff and Maria Jose Cabrera-Puche)*
  3. Hull, Brittany (Director: Matt Vetter; Readers: Gloria Park and Elaine Richardson)*
  1. Parawati Siti Sondari: Situating Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) in undergraduate thesis advising context to promote Indonesian pre-service Language Teacher-Researcher Identity (LTRI) construction (Director: Curt Porter; Readers: Gloria Park and Cristina Sánchez-Martín)
  2. Brianna DoyleAccess is not enough: Helping students with learning disabilities succeed in college writing and beyond (Director: Dana Driscoll; Reader: Catherine M. Dugan)
  3. Rajwan Al-Shareefy (Director: Cristina Sánchez-Martín)
  4. Ana Sanchez–A genre-based approach to develop Heritage Spanish students’ persuasive writing skills and linguistic performance on the Spanish subjunctive (Director: Cristina Sánchez-Martín; Readers: Marjorie Josee Zambrano and Cabrera-Puche Maria Jose)*
  5. Jun Akiyoshi–Writing Teacher Identity and Practice: Exploring International Composition Teachers from Diverse Backgrounds in U.S. College Composition Courses (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Dana Driscoll)
  6. Loren Stephenson–Is Literature Food? A Short Trop(h)ic History of the Nourishment Metaphor for the Concept of Literary Value (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student; Director: Chris Kuipers; Readers: Veronica Watson and Rosalee Stilwell)
  7. Janet Ankoye (Director: Ben Rafoth; Reader: Gloria Park) (2020)
  8. Wenqi Cui–Learning transfer in digital-mediated multimodal writing in the first-year composition (Director: Dana Driscoll; Reader: Matt Vetter)
  9. Leigh Ann Dunning–Peer tutors as writing center researchers: Case studies of tutors learning and employing interviewing skills (Director: Ben Rafoth; Reader: Dana Driscoll)*
  10. Silvia Vaccino-Salvadore–Kuwaiti women’s identity construction and negotiations as English language teachers: An exploratory study through narrative and arts-informed inquiries (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Michele Petrucci) (2020)
  11. Marie Webb–Professional identities of interdisciplinary writing teachers in applied linguistics and composition (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Matt Vetter) (2020)
  12. Abdullah Sleman Darwish–Exploring academic and disciplinary literacy socialization and enactment of seven international undergraduate business students (Director: Dana Driscoll; Reader: Ben Rafoth)
  13. Sarah E. DeCapua–Student response to written teacher feedback in first-year composition: Defining what students find useful and whether they believe it improves their writing (Director: Resa Crane Bizzaro)*?
  14. Nathan B. Jones (Director: Ben Rafoth)
  15. Jonathan David O’Brien–Constructs of stylistic production and reception: Vetting and extending the sociocultural theory of style (Director: Dana Driscoll; Reader: Matt Vetter) (2019)
  16. Nick Katsiadas–Transforming Literary History into Romantic Myths in Comics: Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III’s Promethea, and Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s The Unwritten (2019)
  17. Jing Zhang–Talking about Writing in China: How do Writing Centers Serve Chinese Students’ Needs? (Director: Dana Driscoll; Readers: Cristina Sánchez-Martín and Terese Thonus)*

Recently Finished Doctoral Thesis Readerships B

  1. Khulud Alluhaydan–A study of corrective and commentary feedback in an online ESL writing community of practice (Director: Lilia Savova)
  2. Adam Colton–Pedagogically redesigning the LMS: Game design, collaborative learning, and the Literary Guild (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student; Director: Ken Sherwood)
  3. Steve Edgehouse
  4. Margaret Herb–Reimagining the dominant narratives of peer tutoring: A study of tutors’ and writers’ stories  (Director: Ben Rafoth)*
  5. Justin Hopkins–Outcomes of authoethnography (Director: David Hanauer)
  6. Chih-Lung (Jeff) Kung–Playful political unconscious: The gender and racial performatives of PC and NPC in selected interactive fiction games (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student; Director: Mike Sell; Reader: Ken Sherwood)
  7. Ravyn McKee–International service learning in the writing classroom: Promoting sustainability through reciprocity and place-based writing (Director: Gloria Park; Reader: Curt Porter)
  8. Jack Morales (Diretor: Matt Vetter, Readers: Resa Crane Bizzaro and Steve Lamos)*
  9. Thomas Lyon–G.I. Janes: A narrative analysis of seven women attempting to integrate into Air Force combat service jobs (Readers: Sharon Deckert and Tanya Heflin)
  10. Lora Mendenhall (Readers: Curt Porter, Gloria Park, and Janke)
  11. Sharon Virgil
  12. Steven Zimmerly–The sidekick comes of age: Tracing the growth of secondary characters in young adult literature (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student; Director: Chris Kuipers, Reader: Tanya Heflin)

Status Pending

  1. Chin-Fen Chang
  2. Gretchen Cobb–Habitus of deafhood: Using sociolinguistics of sign language to compile an academic ASL dictionary (Director: Resa Crane Bizzaro)*
  3. Marti Mando (Director: Ben Rafoth)*
  4. Shelah Y. Simpson (Director: Ben Rafoth)
  5. John Wafer

Master of Arts Thesis Direction (1)

  1. Jawad Golzar (Readers: Gloria Park and Curt Porter)

Updating Listings

Since I serve as a director or reader for so many doctoral students, the lists above may not be totally accurate. I do try to keep these lists up-to-date, but I’m often behind. So if I’ve left your name off a list or have you at an incorrect stage of the dissertation process, please know it’s just a simple oversight, not an intentional slight. If you spot an error here, please email me and I’ll be happy to update the appropriate list.

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