English 833: Theories of Composition — Course Assignments (Fall 2019)

Current Assignments

For Week 12: Finding Forrester
Due Nov. 11 Monday

  • Bring movie snacks to share

Due Nov. 15 Friday by 4 p.m.

  • Your Theory of Teaching First DRAFT DUE
    • Your draft may be short (just a few pages) or complete (the full length), whatever suits your needs as a writer best
  • Send your paper to Dr. Pagnucci (<pagnucci@iup.edu>) via email by 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 15
    • Label your email with Subject: 833 Theory Paper

For Week 13: Paper Conferences
Due Nov. 18 Monday

For Week 14: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 25 Monday

For Week 15: Can Composition Make the World a Better Place?
Due Dec. 2 Monday

Upcoming Assignments

For Week 16: Write Your Future
Due Dec. 9 Monday
  • Class wrap up
  • Bring food for end of the semester celebration

For Week 17: Teacher Scholar Website DUE
Due Dec. 13 Friday

  • NO Class Meeting
  • Your Teacher Scholar Website DUE

Past Assignments
For Week 2: Labor Day
Sep. 2 Monday
For Week 3: Expressivism/Writing Process Theory
Due Sep. 9 Monday
For Week 4: A Vision for Teaching Composition
Due Sep. 16 Monday
  • Items helpful to have for building Your Teacher Scholar Website:
    • Bring a favorite quote
    • Bring a digital picture of yourself (optional)
    • Bring your digital CV (optional)
    • Bring a sample paper (optional)
    • Bring your Teaching Philosophy Statement (but don’t re-read it because we will be generating a new one; your old one might be useful for reference later)
For Week 5: The History of Composition (Historical Accounts)
Due Sep. 23 Monday

For Week 6: Cognitivism
Due Sep. 30 Monday

For Week 7: Holisitic Embodied Writing
Due Oct. 7 Monday

For Week 8: Poetry Writing
Due Oct. 14 Monday

  • Bring a notebook for writing

For Week 9: Literacy Stories
Due Oct. 21 Monday

For Week 10: Social Constructionism
Due Oct. 28 Monday

For Week 11: Post-Process Theory
Due Nov. 4 Monday

For Week 12: Finding Forrester
Due Nov. 11 Monday

  • Bring movie snacks to share