English 833: Theories of Composition — Course Assignments (Summer 2019)

Current Assignments

Week 4
For Day 12: Poetry Writing
Due June 17 Monday

For Day 13: Comic Book Pedagogy 
Due June 18 Tuesday

  • Read one comic book or the first chapter of a graphic novel (about 22 pages)
  • I would strongly recommend visiting a real comic book shop for the experience and so you can actually purchase your own comic book
    • SCG Hobby (Open until 8 p.m.)
      • 1450 Oakland Ave. Unit 1; Indiana, PA 15701
      • 724-349-1769
      • Most comics are $5 or less and you can buy many back issues for only $1
  • If you prefer to read digitally:
  • Or just visit your local library:
    • Indiana Free Library
      • 845 Philadelphia St.; Indiana, PA 15701
      • 724-465-8841
      • The Indiana Free Library has a nice collection of graphic novels
      • A library card is free if you live in Indiana: Come in person to the Front Desk and bring proof of your current address, such as Driver’s License, utility bill or other “Proof of Residency” identification. We will make a card for you. There is no cost if you live within the Indiana School District. There is a $25.00 annual membership fee for those living outside the Indiana School District. Replacement cards may be purchased for .50 cents. If you have a current card with an AccessPA sticker from your home library, in another service area, an IFL card can be issued to you for FREE with Proof of Address.
    • IUP Library
      • The IUP Library has some excellent graphic novels, primarily because Dr. Pagnucci keeps putting them on the list whenever the annual book orders for the collection are requested

For Day 14: Can Composition Make the World a Better Place?
Due June 19 Wednesday

For Day 15: Write Your Future
Due June 20 Thursday

  • Class wrap up
  • Bring food for end of the semester celebration

For Day 16: Teacher Scholar Website DUE
Due June 26 Wednesday

  • NO Class Meeting
  • Your Teacher Scholar Website DUE

Previous Assignments

Week 1
For Day 2: Expressivism/Writing Process Theory
Due May 29 Wednesday
For Day 3: A Vision for Teaching Composition
Due May 30 Thursday
  • Items helpful to have for building your Teacher Scholar Website:
    • Bring a favorite quote
    • Bring a digital picture of yourself (optional)
    • Bring your digital CV (optional)
    • Bring a sample paper (optional)
    • Bring your Teaching Philosophy Statement (but don’t re-read it because we will be generating a new one; your old one might be useful for reference later)
Week 2

For Day 4: The History of Composition (Historical Accounts)
Due June 6 Monday

For Day 5: Holisitic Embodied Writing
Due June 7 Tuesday

For Day 6: Cognitivism
Due June 8 Wednesday

For Day 7: Your Teacher Story
Due June 9 Thursday

  • Begin researching your Theory of Teaching

Week 3

For Day 8: Social Constructionism
Due June 10 Monday

For Day 9: Language Theory
Due June 11 Tuesday

For Day 10: Finding Forrester
Due June 12 Wednesday

For Day 11: Post-Process Theory
Due June 13 Thursday