English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Course Story (Summer 2020)

Chapter 1: Literacy Narratives
May 21 Thursday

Chapter 2: Family Stories
May 22 Friday

US Holiday: Labor Day (NO CLASS)
May 25 Monday

Chapter 3: School Stories
May 26 Tuesday

Chapter 4: Stories of Healing
May 27 Wednesday

Chapter 5: Hero Stories
May 28 Thursday

  • The Big Fish Feast
  • Watch Tim Burton’s Big Fish
  • Share a meal together

Chapter 6: The Big Book of Stories
May 29 Friday

  • Put together your Book of Stories
  • Write the Forward to another student’s Book of Stories

Chapter 7: Live a Narrative Life
May 30 Saturday

  • Book of Stories DUE
  • Finish your book and then spend some time with a friend making a new story