English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Chapter 12 – Conferences with Dr. Pagnucci About School Stories/Language Legends

Chapter 12 – Conferences About School Stories/Language Legends

  • For this class session, we will not meet as a full group in our classroom
  • Instead, Dr. Pagnucci will schedule a roughly 20 minute individual meeting with you to discuss your School Story/Language Legend
  • You may meet with Dr. Pagnucci in person or via zoom, whatever is most convenient
  • In person meetings will take place in Dr. Pagnucci’s office: Jane E. Leonard Hall Room 506L
  • Dr. Pagnucci will discuss your draft in its current version
  • Please share your thoughts and questions about your paper during the conference
  • I hope this conference gives you some insight into how to improve your paper and also lets me interact with you individually as both a student and a scholar