English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Storytelling Techniques and Model Stories

Some Valuable Techniques for Storytelling

  • Dialogue: to capture voice, to capture sound, to capture setting
  • Description: to give a feel for the place
  • References: in text, in footnotes, bracketed off to bring in other voices
  • Narrator positionality: first person, third person
  • Shifts in time
  • Inner monologues
  • Labeling/resisting labeling
  • Framing: offering multiple interpretations of events
  • Truth telling: saying something is true/saying something is a lie
  • Interpretation/lack of interpretation
  • Coming full circle
  • Chronological vs. jumping around
  • Starting “in the midst” where we don’t know what is happening

Sample Stories

Collaborative Stories

  • Sample Story: Moghabghab, Emma, & Marwa Mehio, Marwa. 2021. School Stories.
  • Sample Story: Ka Lon (Alan) Chan (2021). Trilogy: Rian.Gauge – From High-School T/S to Lifelong Friends and Learning Partners
  • Collaborative Autoethnography (CAE)
    • Chang, H., Ngunjiri, F., & Hernandez, K-.A. C. (2013). Collaborative autoethnography. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781315432137

Collage Literacy

  • Sample Story: Young, RAsheda. 2021. We Lit.

Visual Stories