English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — IUP English Narrative Dissertations

Model IUP English Narrative Dissertations

  • Wallace, Robert Mitchell. (2004). This Wild, Strange Place: Local Narratives of Literacy Use in Appalachian Families over Three Generations.
    • Fantastic dissertation using story and poetry interludes
  • Colvin, Benie Bruner. (2008). Passing the story: A study of personal memoirs—Letters, recipes, and quilts.
    • Great narrative dissertation based on archival materials
  • Graber, F. Elizabeth. (2002). Old Believer Women in a Postmodern World: Changing Literacy, Changing Lives.
    • 2003 Conference on College Composition and Communication James Berlin Outstanding Dissertation Award winner
  • Sohn, Kathy K. (1999). Whistlin’ and Crowin’ Women of Appalachia: Literacy Development Since College.
    • 2001 Conference on College Composition and Communication James Berlin Outstanding Dissertation Award winner

IUP English Narrative Dissertations about Composition and Literacy

  • Barnett, Stephanie J. (2006). Rock the boat but don’t make waves: The literacy perspectives of working-class, marginalized students and their parents from the Delmarva Peninsula.
  • Campbell, Elizabeth. (2011). Being and writing with others: The possibilities of an ethnographic composition pedagogy.
  • Dorfeld, Natalie Marie. (2007). Broke, bohemian, and burned out: An in-depth analysis of the adjunct lifestyle.
  • Eckard, Sandra J. (2001, October). The Ties That Bind: Storytelling in Composition Classrooms and Writing Centers.
  • Fitzpatrick, Caroline M. (2007). Women’s voices, women’s quilts: A study of discourse practices in a Pennsylvania quilting circle.
  • Glennon, Melanie Beth. (2017). Communicating and cultivating: Exploring the phenomenology of the extracurricular writing relationship through narrative.
  • Glicker, Eric. (2010). The student writer as blogger: A longitudinal study of a blogger’s critical narrative events.
  • Golden, Lara Lynn. (2013). Struggles to reach the disengaged: Narratives of young men who left high school before graduation, and stories from middle-school teachers and GED instructors who try to help.
  • Houp, George Wesley (2006). Public labels, personal literacies: Language and learning in the lives of nine adult education students.
  • Kelly, Elaine M. (2008). In search of one’s pack: A narrative study of a working-class woman in the academy.
  • Mackall, Joe. (1996). Porch Stories: A Narrative Look at the Stories and the Storytelling Traditions of the Places My Students and I Call Home.
  • McBride, Jennifer H. (2006). Trusting narrative beyond theory: One teacher’s story.
  • Mikoni, Dorothy Jane (2003). Silence: A Narrative Case Study of Six Women Practicing Life Writing.
  • Nora, Krystia. (2007). “A new lease on life”: Three narrative case studies from a subsidized senior high rise, participant design writing group.
  • Ramon, Alva N. (2016). Introducing the prison writer to composition: A multilayered, many stranded, nested, and textured 3D metanarrative that begins to unfold the untold story of prison writing.
  • Theis, Richard W. (2003). Mapping the Geography: A Narrative of Long-Term English Adjunct Teaching.

IUP English Narrative Dissertations about Language

  • Contreras-Escalante, Gerardo Ali. (2007). Rural voices winding through the Andes Mountains: A collective creative literacy research project.
  • Duncan, Elizabeth Rafferty. (2011). International mail order brides: A narrative inquiry investigating the lives of six female second language learners, their literacies and their acquisition of the English language.
  • Vallejo, Rosa A. (2004). Living La Vida Writing/Living the Writing Life: A Case Study of a Teacher’s Writing Group.

IUP English Narrative Dissertations with Experimental Forms

  • Mangini, Laura M. (2015). Collaborative dissertations in composition: A feminist disruption of the status quo. (IUP’s first collaborative dissertation)
  • Mangini, Sabatino M. (2015). Composition and the cooperative dissertation study. Our collaborative resistance.
    • The above two dissertations were written collaboratively (the first collaborative dissertation in the field of Composition Studies)
  • Lora Lynn Mendenhall, Lora Lynn (2019). Mitakuye Oyasin and service-learning: A narrative plan for ecological restorative justice, Jasper County, Indiana
    • A dissertation that discusses a model course
  • Petrucci, Michele L. (2005). Collage Literacy and Textual Landscapes: Four Case Studies of Individuals Layered in Words and Pictures.
    • This dissertation blends art and words
  • Stewart, Marjorie (2009). Fear and loathing in the English department: The strange and terrible saga of composition and creative writing.
    • This dissertation includes one chapter that is a fictionalized play