English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Narrative Scholars Research Task

Narrative Scholarship

Narrative Inquiry draws from many areas:

  • Methodological Scholarship: Those who study and use the research methodology of Narrative Inquiry (for example Clandinin and Connelly)
  • Narrative Theory: Those who study the nature of story telling, story writing, and story thinking (for example Jerome Bruner)
  • Narrative Teaching: Those who explore how to teach writing through story (for example Joseph Trimmer)
  • Creative Non-fiction: Those who write stories based on real life experiences which includes a number of sub-areas
    • Autobiography (for example Tristine Rainer’s Your Life as Story)
    • Memoir (for example Johnathan Franzen)
    • Literary Journalism (for example Truman Capote)
  • Fiction: Writers who discuss the nature of story telling within their fiction (for example Tim O’Brien)

The purpose of the task below is to help you begin to explore this broad range of scholars working in the area of Narrative.

Narrative Scholars Research Tasks

The Task

  • Annotate 2 source written by Narrative Scholars
    • Read 2 articles/chapters by 1 or 2 scholars
    • You may choose 2 works by the same scholar or 2 works by 2 different scholars
    • You may choose any scholar you wish, but feel free to consult the following resources:
    • Write a one-page annotation about each covering the following items:
      • Summarize the article/chapter/story
      • Give your analysis of the article/chapter/story
      • Include the reference in APA
      • Discuss 2 interesting quotes from the article/chapter/story

Collective Annotation Project

  • Although you will write your annotations independently, this is meant to be a collective annotation project
  • I plan to share these annotations with future students so we can build a large archive of narrative scholarship
  • This annotation archive will be built by IUP students
  • I hope you are willing to take part in this collective effort, but if you do not wish to have your work shared, that’s ok too
  • In case you do not wish to share your work with the collective effort, please just note in your file that you do not wish to have your work shared, and I won’t share it
  • Otherwise, I will assume you want to share your annotations with others; that’s my hope, but I am ok either way and you will get full credit either way


  • Please save the file as Microsoft Word document rather than a PDF
  • Please use 12-point Verdana for the font for this project
  • Please single space and skip 1 line between paragraphs
  • Please be sure to include your name in your Word file so I can give you credit for this work on the course website

Uploading to D2L

  • Please upload your 2 Narrative Scholar annotations to the appropriate D2L section when you complete them
  • You can upload the annotations as 1 file or 2 files, whatever is easiest for you