English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Chapter 5 – Story Reading Groups (Literacy Narrative First Drafts)

Chapter 5 – Story Reading Groups (Literacy Narrative First Drafts)

Literacy Narratives First Drafts Peer Review

  • For this class session, we will not meet as a full group in our classroom
  • Instead, you will arrange to meet with your partners as a Story Reading Group to discuss the Literacy Narrative First Drafts that each member of your group has written
  • The Story Reading Groups will be organized ahead of time and you will stay in the same group for the whole term so that you get to know the other people who’s stories you are reading
  • Because peer review is one of the best ways to improve your writing, I am using extra class time for these Story Reading Groups to make sure you have lots of time to talk about the stories and to make sure everyone gets a chance to get extensive feedback on their story
  • Students in previous semesters have told me this was one of the most valuable parts of the course because it helped them really work on their writing and response skills
  • You may meet in person or via zoom and you may meet during class time or some other time if that is more convenient
  • Be sure to allow adequate time to discuss all the drafts
  • Please send your Literacy Narrative first draft to the other people in your Story Reading Group well in advance of the meeting
  • Please read the drafts ahead of time and make comments so that you are ready to provide feedback to your group members
  • Please cover the following in your response:
    • What did you like about the narrative?
    • What are the narratives strengths?
    • What areas could be improved, enhanced, or clarified?
    • Could the reflection be improved in any way?
    • If the writer were to make only one revision, what would you suggest?