English 881/781: Narrative Inquiry — Chapter 8 – Story Reading Groups (Family Story Peer Review)

Chapter 8 – Story Reading Groups (Family Story Peer Review)

Family Story First Draft Peer Review

  • For this class session, we will not meet as a full group in our classroom
  • Instead, you will arrange to meet with your partners as a Story Reading Group to discuss the Family Story First Drafts that each member of your group has written
  • You may meet in person or via zoom and you may meet during class time or some other time if that is more convenient
  • Be sure to allow adequate time to discuss all the drafts
  • Please send your Family Story First Draft to the other people in your Story Reading Group well in advance of the meeting
  • Please read the drafts ahead of time and make comments so that you are ready to provide feedback to your group members
  • Please cover the following in your response:
    • What did you like about the narrative?
    • What are the narratives strengths?
    • What areas could be improved, enhanced, or clarified?
    • Could the reflection be improved in any way?
    • If the writer were to make only one revision, what would you suggest?