Graduate Course Attendance Policies

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Overview of Attendance Policies

Class attendance is required. Not only is this IUP policy, but consistently attending class is the only way students can successfully complete this or any course. Succeeding as a graduate student is a full time job and regular class attendance is one of the required duties of that job.

Excused Absences

As with any job, failure to show up for work reflects poorly on one’s performance. In the business world, employees who miss work too often are terminated. At the same time, exceptional circumstances, like family or medical emergencies, do sometimes arise, and employers understand this. For that reason, IUP policy permits 2 excused absences from class (5 hours slightly exceeding the 3 credit hours for this course).

To receive an excused absence, you must contact the professor in advance (if possible), by phone or e-mail, to explain why you must be absent. Even in cases of serious accidents (which hopefully will not happen), one of a person’s first responsibilities is to contact their employer as soon as possible.

If you are absent for a class session, you will be expected to write a 2 page reflection on each reading that was assigned for that day. Any other missed work must be made up under the direction of Dr. Pagnucci.

Absence Problems

This class, like any workplace, depends on your being present. Failing to give advance notice when you cannot attend class is inconsiderate. Being absent not only hurts your chances to learn, but also deprives your co-workers of your knowledge and abilities. More than 2 excused absences will negatively impact your grade as will all unexcused absences. In addition, every absence threatens to hurt your reputation as a good worker and your educational opportunities. Finally, any student who misses more than 40% of the class sessions will automatically receive an F for the course.


Tardiness is also not acceptable. Being late for work is considered bad form and is just as serious as missing work. Therefore, tardiness will also negatively effect your attendance grade for this course. Every 2 times you are late will equate to one unexcused absence.

The Bottom Line

Please attend every class and be on time. Anything less than this threatens to hurt your reputation as a good student and your educational opportunities.