Project IUP Cast Audio Archives

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Project IUP Cast Overview

The goal of Project IUP Cast is to encourage IUP students and teachers to take part in the world of podcasting by writing and distributing their own podcasts. The hope of the project is to give students a voice to express their ideas on the web and to open a dialogue with other members of the IUP community. An additional specific goal of Project IUP Cast is to help students and teachers learn about writing and publishing with new digital media to enhance their communication skills.

Project IUP Cast Archival

Project IUP Cast has been running since 2007. During that time, lots of podcasts and a few vidcasts have been produced by IUP students for various classes. These materials are archived here so that future students and teachers can access them. All Project IUP Cast materials are published for public consumption. The individuals who created the podcasts and vidcasts own the copyright for the materials created and are responsible for their contents. In addition, it should be noted that all Project IUP materials have been produced for educational, non-profit purposes.

The First Project IUP Cast

The podcast below was the first one produced for Project IUP Cast. The podcast provides an overview of the project. It was produced by Dr. Sherwood in 2007. The podcast is a dialogue between Dr. Sherwood and Dr. Pagnucci in which they discuss the benefits of using digital tools for teaching and learning. The podcast is titled an “IUP Tech Talk” and was identified as part of Project ICast at the time. As noted above, the project has been retitled Project IUP Cast:

Featured Graduate Student Podcasts

Full Archive of Graduate Student Podcasts and Vidcasts

  • Imagination Cubed, YouTube edu, Comic Life, and Prezi

    • Developed by Burcu Basoglu, John Hepler, Lilian Wagih Mina, and Catherine Kelly

  • Interview of Dr. Ken Sherwood discussing technology resistance

    • Developed by Angel Anderson, Mitchell James, and Alex Romagnoli

  • Facebook for English Learning

    • Developed by Yutaka Fujieda and Woosang Jung

  • Symbol Interpretation: Using Drawings to Facilitate Multi-Cultural Discussion

    • Developed by Toni D’Onofrio, John Grant, Jason Long, and Dana Poole