Getting Things Done! (GTD) Teaching Circle

Teaching Circle Goal

The goal of this Teaching Circle is to explore time management strategies that can be used to enhance productivity of teachers and improve both their professional and personal lives.

Teaching Circle Members

  • Gian Pagnucci – Teaching Circle Coordinator
  • Tanya Heflin
  • Daniel Weinstein

GTD Tools and Resources

Citation Management

Email Management

  • Inbox Zero
    • This is a website about how to better manage email

Task Management

  • Things 2
    • Mac Task management software
  • Todo.txt
    • Cross platform task management software


Writing Project Management

Teaching Circle Readings

Reflective Practice Teaching Project

The Time Management and Teaching Circle is an interdisciplinary teaching circle affiliated with IUP’s Reflective Practice Project. The Reflective Practice Project is sponsored by IUP’s Center for Teaching Excellence. The Reflective Practice Project helps teachers at IUP study their own teaching as well as the teaching methods of expert teachers both at IUP and from around the country.