Undergraduate Course Work Policies

Course Work Policies Overview

I want to treat you with the respect and dignity which befits any adult working to developing himself or herself as a learner. If you put forth an honest effort, I believe I can do that. The policies listed on this page are basic common sense and common courtesy. If you work hard to be the best student you can, even with an occasional slip up, I know you’ll do fine and I won’t be forced to treat you as a kid who has broken the rules. Please help me to get to know you at your academic and personal best.

Course Work Standards

  • Students are expected to actively participate in all class activities. This means fully cooperating with other students, thoroughly completing course assignments, and regularly speaking during discussions. If the instructor feels a student is not meeting these criteria, the student’s grade will be docked accordingly.
  • Always bring a computer disk to class for saving your work.
  • All course papers must be produced using a word processor or web page creation program.

Course Deadlines and Late Work

Meeting deadlines is critical. Clients depend on writers to get the job done on time. It is also one of the ways bosses evaluate their workers. Still, even late work is better than not doing the work. You can’t learn anything if you don’t at least attempt all the class assignments. Therefore, work that is turned in late will be lowered by one letter grade. Overdue work will not receive credit if it is more than two class sessions late. Exceptions to this rule will only be made at the instructor’s discretion in extenuating circumstances.

Note: Since the course schedule may need to be revised during the semester, assignment deadlines announced in class have precedence over the ones listed on this syllabus.


Nothing is more rude and irritating than having a cell phone ring during class.  The only thing worse than having your cell phone go off, is answering it! Unfortunately, I’ve had it happen often enough now that I’m putting in this no cell phone policy. So please show your classmates and instructor some basic courtesy and turn your cell phone off before class starts. Anyone who violates this policy more than once will have their cell phone taken from them and not returned until the next class session (which means I’ll be the one chatting to your friends over the weekend).

Course Misconduct

In the professional world, passing someone else’s work off as your own will get you fired. Here at IUP, students caught cheating, plagiarizing, or in some other way violating IUP university policies will be disciplined accordingly, including potentially failing the course or being expelled from the university. For more information, please consult IUP’s Academic Integrity Policy & Procedures published in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Course Syllabus Disclaimer

While this syllabus is as complete and accurate as possible, all dates are subject to change without notice. The instructor may, to suit the educational needs of the students enrolled in this course, change any information contained within this syllabus, such as grading criteria, whenever necessary.