Undergraduate Student Web Projects

Undergraduate Student Web Projects Overview

The Web Projects linked below were all created by the students listed next to each site. The students’ real names have been used with their permission.

Student Project Ownership

The pages linked below represent Web Projects that were designed for educational purposes as an English course requirement. The Web Projects were created by these students. These Web Projects are owned by these students. Each student has full responsibility for their individual Web Project and its contents. Students created their own Web Projects based on their interests, needs, and professional goals.


These web sites are not official. These web sites are not intended for real use. These are all student web sites created as class projects for educational purposes only. In cases where real company or product names have been used, this has been done only for the purposes of simulation and student learning. The respective companies do not assume any responsibility or liability for information contained on these student created web sites. Official web sites are located elsewhere and are the responsibility of the respective individual, organization, or business.

Student Created Web Projects in Permanent Use

  • Center for the Study of Religion in Pennsylvania by Benjamin Tokich
  • IUP Paintball Club by Christopher Boem & Justin Killian
  • IUP Pre-Law Society (IUP campus organization web site) by Toni Pronti
  • IUP Technology Services Center (TSC) by Justin Patterson
  • Diane White Art (business web site) by Ryan White
  • Hockman Candy by Kathryn Hockman & Christopher Eisensmith

Archived Student Created Web Projects

  • Weed Barn (flower store web site)
  • Keep Our World Green (environmental web site) by Kathryn Boyle
  • Margolo’s Color Pencil Tutorial (art instruction web site) by Courtney Jack

Student Created Web Projects–Spring, 2007

  • Project Haunted House by Meghan Armes
  • HCS Solutions (business web site) by Chris Kebriti
  • How to Dress (fashion web site) by Jacquelyn Schultz
  • A How to Guide for Purebred Dogs by Chrystal Vance
  • Life Events (IUP Human Resources web site) by Jerry Sheehan
  • MVC Commanders (gaming web site) by Adam Altemus
  • Where Nowhere Begins (music/band web site) by Zachary Milko

Student Created Web Projects–Spring, 2006

  • Cricket by Shafquat Husain
  • DiDiano Building & Remodeling Company by Brigid Beatty
  • Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company by Philip Anderson
  • Faded Letters Writing Association by Sara Marmo
  • A Guide on Beagles: Everything You Need to Know by Alicia Coon
  • How to Play Football by Steven Beyers
  • IUP Campus Dinning Service New Managers Guide to Foster Dinning Hall by Rebecca Moore
  • The Koch Snowflake and Sierpinski Triangle Fractals by Amanda Schiel
  • U.S. Soccer Site by Anthony Rocchio

Student Created Web Projects–Fall, 2005

  • Entertainment Indiana by Todd Alexander
  • The Non-Traditional Student’s Guide to Survival by Carol Stevanus
  • Official Guide to the Mega Man Universe by Derek Foster

Student Created Web Projects–Summer, 2004

  • AO Web Awareness by Adrienne Guertin
  • Are you eating healthily or like an American? by Rebecca (Becky) Myers
  • Tabernacle Cosmopolitan Baptist Church by Taleia Ross
  • Neuro ICU by Ruth Williams

Student Created Web Projects–Fall, 2001

  • Alpha Phi Omega by Brian Slocum

Student Created Web Projects–Fall, 2001

  • IUP Computer Science by Paul Cline, Michael Liggett, and Jarred Lash
  • C.A.F.E. (Computational Animation Fascination Endeavor) by Simone H. Thomas
  • Steroid Safety Issues by Kirill Podoxik

Student Created Web Projects–Fall, 2000

Class Collaborative Web Projects

In addition to creating individual web projects, I regularly ask students in English 322: Technical Writing to create large web projects as an entire class working collaboratively. Examples of these projects are listed below:

  • Pagnucci Student Writing (Company Web Page 1-Spring, 2002)
  • Student Writers Inc. (Company Web Page 2-Spring, 2002)
  • IUP Freshmen 101: A Crash Course (Project Cover Web Page 1-Spring, 2002)
  • Surviving IUP 101 (Project Cover Web Page 2-Spring, 2002)
  • Student Survival Guide (Class Project-Fall, 2001)
  • The Squirrel’s News (Class Project-Sum. 2001)
  • IUP Computer Labs Guide (Class Project-Summer, 2000)
  • The Official IUP Guide for Seniors (Class Project-Fall, 1999)
  • Indiana Restaurant Guide (Class Project-Fall, 1999)
  • How the E-zine Got It’s Groove Back (Class Project-Fall, 1998)